I never get what I want...

all thanks to Elijah!

17 January
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Welcome dear friends! Lauren here! Please be my "journal friend".
About me: I enjoy fun! I like to eat fuzzy woodland creatures and take nice romantic walks on the beach with my pet monkey. I am an aspiring mime who specializes in the "air guitar" as well as a varitey of other mimish acts of love. Currently I am venturing africa to study the sacred moahowib poisonous flying elk, a true miracle of nature.

(bio written by Dominique)

*Captain's log, stardate 54324.5: Starfleet command has directed the Enterprise to initiate an online blog. My mission to obtain the desired username "witty_username" has failed. We suspect foulplay by one called "elijah". For revenge, I have chosen another identity: damn_elijah. And damn him to hell, indeed. We have engaged... the blog!

End transmission...